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Presenting Margaret's debut solo CD "In Full Bloom!" This CD features the best in Chicago talent accompanying Margaret on selections that will appeal to every listener.  From the straight ahead arrangement of "Night In Tunisia" to the New Orleans jazz rendition of "I Got My Mojo Workin", this collection of music has something for every music lover.

Led by piano great Charlie Johnson, "Moments Notice" is the debut CD from the talented Charlie Johnson Quartet.  Charlie chose from the very best in Chicago jazz and blues to form his group, with Buddy Pearson on bass, Charles "Rick" Heath on drums and Margaret Murphy on lead vocals.  You will enjoy this mix of smooth jazz and old favorites arranged and performed live by one of the most talented ensembles in jazz today.
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 “In Full Bloom” by the talented Margaret Murphy is a flavorful assembly of enchanting jazz tunes. Igniting this album’s flame is the groovy “I’m Walking,” which wastes no time in showing off the amazing instrumentation, namely jazz piano leads, that defines all of this record. With romantic lyrics arranged to unforgettable melodies, the appeal of this record goes far beyond just great musicianship. Margaret’s powerful, soulful, and effortless vocal performance outshines every other aspect of this album. The emotionally touching “Pearls” slows the pace a bit, and allows Margaret’s vocal ability to shine with its full potential. Polished with unrivaled production, if you are a fan of soulful, smooth jazz, you will thoroughly enjoy “In Full Bloom.”
Xavier P 
"One might mistake her for a new age runway model fresh off the pages of Ebony; Margaret has that kind of sophistication....she is blessed with her own "sound" and that "sound" is one that the world should hear."
Lofton Emanari
Citizen Newspaper