Upcoming Shows: 2014

           Every Tuesday!
         The JAZZ JAM REVIVAL!!
               The 50 Yard Line
             69 West 75th Street
                8pm - Midnight
  Welcoming all Professional Musicians,       Vocalists, Students of the Art of Jazz
        and of course Jazz Lovers!
    Free Parking  - Free Admission

             Girls Night Out!
       Friday - August 22nd
              Global Fusion
  1961 Ridge Road, Homewood, IL
          w/ Brian Danzy - Keys
                  6pm - 9pm

         Jazz Institute Trolley Tour
     Wednesday - August 27th
            The Fifty Yard Line
           69 East 75th Street
             6 p.m. to Midnite
    Free Admission - Free Parking
Please contact me for Trolley Badges,        or just hang with us at the 50!

              Jazz in the Grazz
   Wednesday - September 3rd
       Chicago State University
     9501 South Martin Luther King
            7:00 pm - 8:30pm
             RAIN OR SHINE!!
At the 2013 Englewood Jazz Festival